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D-Link Wireless Router as Just an Access Point

By DaveAtFraud - Posted on 18 March 2012

This has to be the simplest "how to" I've ever written. On the other hand, I stayed up late fiddling with configuration settings and resetting my D-Link DIR-651 back to factory defaults trying all the wrong ways to make it work. I started this blog to capture things like this and, hopefully, I'll save someone else the hassles I went through.

Oh yeah, this will probably work on at least similar routers from D-Link and may work on wireless routers from other manufacturers.

First a few words about my set up. I run a Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone (at the moment Scientific Linux 6.2) as my gateway, router, firewall, web server, mail server and a few other things. I'm fairly good at manual teaks to my iptables firewall so I really don't want to start running some other router/firewall (e.g., the built in router and firewall of the DIR-651). All I want the DIR-651 to do is be a wireless access point.

I would think this would be something covered in either the manual or the on-line FAQ or at least a blog posting. If there is any other documentation on the Internet, I can't find it. Of course, that could be because it's so simple.

To turn your DIR-651 wireless router into a simple access point, DO NOT connect it to your network with the port labelled "Internet." Use any of the switched ports instead. This also means you don't have to do anything with most of the router settings. They aren't used in access point mode. Just configure the "Wireless Settings" and the "Network Settings." You may also wish to set the admin password.

That's about it to just get the wireless router functional as a wireless access point. You may also want to tweak other settings.