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Why DaveAtFraud?

I post on a variety of web locations such as slashdot, GrokLaw, StumbleUpon and quite a few others as DaveAtFraud. Dave at Fraud came about through the convergence of two of my decisions:

1. As the internet started to grow, I used “Dave At” whatever domain or system as my identity.
2. I used to work for a defense/aerospace company that always had cute names for the computers on a project’s network. My droll sense of humor came up with naming the nodes “waste, fraud and abuse.” When I created my home network, the first three nodes were waste, fraud and abuse.

Thus, the command prompt at my server ended up being:

[dave@fraud ~]#

which is pronounced “Dave at fraud.”

I decided to just use DaveAtFraud as my internet identifier ever since.

By the way, the rest of the nodes on my network are bend, fold, spindle and mutilate (not all of which may exist at the moment).