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Down for Maintenance: Back up

By admin - Posted on 09 April 2011

CentOS 5.6 has been released. The updates have been downloaded but I will need to reboot the server at some point. Dave's Blog will be unavailable for at least long enough for my server to reboot. Based on past experience, there will probably be some issues that I will need to fix before the server will be fully "back to life."

Update as of 23:25 9 April 2011:

Up and running again. This time I used find to find all of the .rpmnew files and brought forward my old settings to the new file. I probably missed something but at least httpd, named and sendmail seem to be working.

Always like to see how long I can keep the server up between reboots:

[root@fraud etc]# uptime
 23:08:35 up 124 days, 14:43,  5 users,  load average: 0.74, 0.75, 0.72
[root@fraud etc]# reboot