You are hereA New Chore for Sisyphus / Epilogue


By DaveAtFraud - Posted on 13 July 2010

Sisyphus put down the book and smiled. He now knew how to escape from his new eternal punishment with its endless cycle of attempting to build too much functionality on impossibly short schedules that were never met and that only raised the priority and management pressure for making the impossible schedule for the next release. At that moment the CEO leaned into his office and said, “Sisyphus, I’ve decided to cut down on my number of direct reports so I’m bringing in a VP of Engineering that you’ll be reporting to from now on.”

The CEO smiled after he said this and it was the smile that Sisyphus remembered as belonging to Zeus. The CEO continued, “I think you’ll like working with her. Her name is Casandra1.”

1For those readers not up on Greek mythology, Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo but was then cursed by him when she didn't return his love. The curse was that she could foretell the future but then would not be believed.

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