You are hereA New Chore for Sisyphus / Prologue


By DaveAtFraud - Posted on 05 July 2010

It was just another day in eternity for Sisyphus: rolling the rock up the steep narrow path only to have it roll back down just before he reached the top. But today Zeus appeared at the bottom of the hill just as Sisyphus was about to start rolling his stone back up the path.

“Sisyphus, I grow weary of this task before you,” said Zeus. “I have something else in mind for your punishment that promises no end of variety for me as I watch your toil. I want you to become what is now known as a software development manager.”

Sisyphus paused for a moment to consider what Zeus had said. He was aware that much had changed in the world of men in the millennia he had been rolling his rock up the hill. He looked at Zeus and said, “No thanks. I’ll give this rock another try. I almost got it all the way over the hill yesterday but this small stone got in my sandal and I slipped as I tried to remove it. I’m sure I can get this stone over the top today even if I haven’t managed it in all these thousands of years.”

Zeus smiled and and then just his smile remained as the rest of Zeus faded from being a Greek god and turned into a something that was now known as a CEO. Likewise, the narrow path became a neon lit corridor among short beige half-walls separating people working diligently at strange, bright contraptions. And the CEO said, “Glad to have you aboard, Sisyphus. That’s just the attitude we want to have in our software development manager.”

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