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Advertising Policy

Your first question should be, "What advertising?" The answer is that there isn't any. Or, at least not any that I've arranged for and am getting paid for.

That being said, some low lifes keep attempting to create posts with lots of links to sites that have nothing to do with the subject of the post and that are generally free from any real content. Given this situation, I am instituting the following policy regarding unauthorized advertising via off topic links or other inclusions:

At my discretion, unauthorized advertising included in posts will be charged to the advertised company at a rate of $100.00 for each link or other off topic text per day the post is visible to other users of this web site. The person posting such links will be assumed to be an authorized representative of the advertised company and will be included in the invoice as such. Failure to remit payment for such advertisement will be addressed with the advertised company's Internet Service Provider as well as via any other legal means.