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Privacy Policy

First off, you'll notice that my privacy policy isn't written in legalese. I'm not going to get a lawyer involved just to say the following:

I hate spam. I don't like getting it and I don't know of anyone who does. I will do everything reasonably within my power to protect the privacy of anyone who registers with my blog. That means I won't use any e-mail address supplied as part of the registration process for any purpose unrelated to running my blog or my web site nor will I knowingly make such an address available to anyone else unless compelled to by a legal authority.

I will also point out that my wife and I use the same server I use to run my blog for other purposes. I do everything I can to keep it secure.

Please note that my web site and this blog are "open." That is, any material posted to this site will probably be indexed by various search engines and/or web crawlers. I cannot stop this without defeating myself. Thus, any information posted to this blog or made available to me for inclusion on my web site should be considered public information.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me directly as dave at