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About Dave's Blog

Welcome to Dave's Blog on The web site has more information about who we are but I like the idea of two-way communication. Thus, I decided to create this blog. Don't be surprised if things change from time-to-time since this is my only experience with both having and running a blog.

The rules (such as they are) so far:

  1. I paid for and built the server and pay for the electricity that makes it run and the Internet connection that makes it accessible. I make the rules. This is not a democracy.
  2. I consider this blog to be a virtual extension of my home. I won't tolerate postings that I would find objectionable if they were uttered by a guest or that would offend other guests. I moderate all posts and will make any edits necessary to enforce this.
  3. Don't even think about SPAM postings. They may get through AntiSPAM (Akismet's replacement) but they won't get past me. SPAM postings will be deleted and the account of the user responsible will be deleted. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD OR WARNING.
  4. User accounts must be activated within one week from the time the account is requested and created. New accounts that have not had a login after one week will be deleted.
  5. My goal in creating this blog is to share some of my knowledge and experiences with others and, hopefully, to learn something.
  6. More narrowly, much of the technical material I plan on posting is to both document what I did and make the information available to others. This isn't so much a "how to" as a "how I did it." On the other hand, I would be very grateful for suggestions that would ease the pain if there is an easier way.
  7. If you don't like the rules, there is a link to the Drupal site at the bottom of each page. Feel free to set up your own blog.
  8. Unless otherwise indicated, all material posted by me is copyrighted and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
  9. Posts are owned by their authors. If you wish to use extensive material from another author, please contact the author for permission (it's not mine to grant).